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    14th Graduation Ceremony
    University Building
    3rd of August 2017
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    Elrazi First Scientific & Cultural Exposition
    8-9 April 2017
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    Elrazi is a Role Model
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    Large number of Overseas Students
    Over 32+ nationalities

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Welcome To Elrazi University

University President

Elrazi University is a group of academics and students fully committed to academic excellence. Through meticulous training of undergraduates, and research at the postgraduate level. Every member of the University works and strive for personal and academic dignity to treat others with due respect and to take responsibility for good behavior. Any student conduct, on or off the University, as individuals or groups that violates his duties may become a matter for action within the University's system of student discipline. .

Elrazi University has been recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, the Sudanese Medical Council, WHO, European & African universities and members of the Association of Arab Universities.

CEO, Ahmed Rizig

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