We encourage our students to explore the academic landscape, venturing into unfamiliar fields of knowledge and, perhaps, discovering new grounds that will take them in a different direction altogether. Along the way, staff members help guide them, and fellow students offer diverse perspectives that can shed new light on the path. We also encourage our students to travel literally, by going abroad for study, research, or work. By nurturing this spirit of inquiry, Elrazi aims to prepare global citizens who are instilled with a life-long love of learning.

Current Programs

# Faculty Degree Study
1 Faculty of Medicine Bachelor of Medicine 5 Years
2 Faculty of Dentistry Bachelor of Dentistry 5 Years
3 Faculty of Pharmacy Bachelor of Pharmacy 5 Years
4 Faculty of Medical Labs Bachelor of Medical Labs 4 Years
5 Faculty of Information Technology Bachelor of Information Technology 5 Years
6 Faculty of Business Administrator Bachelor of Business Administrator 4 Years
7 Faculty of Dental Technology Diploma of Dental Technology 3 Years
  • The University adopts the system of full academic year, with 2 semesters for each year.
  • Teaching Language is English.

Batches graduated since the establishment

# Faculty No. of Batches
1 Dentistry 10
2 Pharmacy 9
3 Medicine 5
4 Dental Technology 12

Academic Calender

*See Elrazi Programs of Study Calendar for information regarding academic dates & deadlines

First Semester: Saturday Start on 29/08/2015

2016 September 17, Saturday Substitutes & Supplementary Exams for (2016-2017)
2016 October 1,Saturday Start of the new Academic Year and Registration (2016/2017)
2016 October 1,Saturday - 201 September 24,Thursday Eid ElAdaha Vacation
2015 December 12,Saturday - 2015 December 31,Thursday Practical Exams & Study Period
2016 January 2,Saturday - 2016 January 21,Thursday First Semester Exams
2016 January 26,Thursday Examiners Board Meetings
2016 January 28,Thursday Faculty Board Meetings
2016 January 23,Saturday - 2016 February 5,Saturday Mid Year Vacation

Second Semester: Saturday Start on 06/02/2016

2016 February 06, Saturday Start of Second Semester
2016 May 14, Saturday Practical Exams & Study Period
2016 May 21, Saturday Final Examination, 9 am.
2016 June 6, Saturday Start of Vacation
2016 June 16, Thursday Examiners Board Meetings
2016 June 12, Thursday Faculty Board Meetings
2016 June 21, Thursday Graduation Ceremony
2016 Cebtember 3, Tuesday Start of New Academic Year 2016-2017 Registration
2016 August 31, Saturday Substitutes & Supplementary Exams for (2014-2015)