In the Football League, which is part of the the Creativity Flares tournament series for the students of universities & which includes multiple cultural, sports and scientific activities as well as many competitions.. Which are led by Dr. Fathi Al-Hawari of Elrazi University who is also a member of the executive committee of the tournament which is set up by the Ministry of Higher Education. The sports competition began yesterday with a football event between the teams of the 16 participating universities, where two universities were chosen to host the sports tournament, Elrazi University and the University of Jordan. Where Elrazi University team played against Al-Fajr College team, and the Elrazi team won over Al-Fajr and thus qualified to the second round… Congratulations to the Elrazi University team for winning and our best wishes are to all the participants from the university in all of the activities. Thanks to Elrazi University for providing such an opportunity to its students, and for appreciating the importance of these activities which encourage the spirit of competition in students and keeps them away from falling into the clutches of destruction, while at the same time strengthening in them the spirit of belonging to the university and their love for it, as well as, striving to uphold its name. Special thanks also to the Deanship of Student Affairs and Student Activities, headed by Dr. Awatef Othman Hassan, and Dr. Fathi Al-Hawari, who have always strived for what is best for the students and the university.

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