Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology

1. Providing the student with the basics of knowledge in the fields of computing and information technology, which qualifies him to enter the professional field and to be able to compete in the labor market. 2. To develop the student's abilities and skills in analytical and creative thinking in the field of computing and information technology. 3. Preparing the student in a way that qualifies him to continue scientific research in the field of computing and information technology. 4. Managing everything related to information technology in the college. 5. Provide better technical support. 6. Promoting the positive use of the information technology infrastructure. 7. Continuous improvement and updating of the college website. 8. Coordination between all college units. 9. Replacement of work based on ordinary paper with electronic services. 10. Pushing faculty members and students to use information technology and expressing opinions about it to improve it.


To make the College of Computer and Information Science the most effective college in the University by utilizing and embracing the use of information technology in all aspects.


To promote and support the use of information technology in the college, by creating initiatives and providing technical support for staff and students..