Faculty of Dental Medicine and Surgery

Faculty of Dental Medicine and Surgery

The college was established in 2001, and the first class in the college for the academic year 2001-2002 Academic degree, duration of study, and study system Diploma in Dental Technology, which is 3 academic years. The academic year consists of two semesters, the duration of the semester is 16 weeks. The examination period is 3-4 weeks. Language of instruction and exams, English is the approved language for teaching and examinations in the college. Special programs have been designed for non-Arabic speakers for the subjects of Islamic culture and the special Arabic language. The Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Razi University grants a bachelor’s degree in oral and dental medicine to the student after he completes the study of the course prepared for this, which is divided into five academic years (10 semesters). The course or curriculum includes the requirements of the university, the requirements of the college, and the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education. After the student successfully passes this curriculum or course, the student moves to the internship year (the sixth year) in which he receives training in hospitals under the supervision of consultants and specialists according to the requirements of the Federal Ministry of Health. The college is keen to provide an educational infrastructure that keeps pace with international standards for the quality of education, taking into account the appropriate distribution of student density in the auditoriums, halls and laboratories. The college is keen that students are trained in clinics so that each student has his own dental chair in order to raise the level of professional training. The college has the latest educational laboratories equipped with the latest specialized equipment in various specialties of oral and dental medicine The college is keen to create the appropriate environment for baccalaureate students for practical training and also to conduct scientific research, by distributing students into groups of five students each to conduct research under the supervision of one of the professors. Research is presented on a special day called Scientific Research Day, in which prizes are presented for the winning research. Which is evaluated by professors from inside and outside the college. The college is working to create a good environment for postgraduate students for practical training and advanced scientific research. The college has previously awarded a master’s degree in dental implants to 10 students in the year (2015_2016). The college has a clear role in serving the community through the visits that the college students make to primary schools in the surrounding environment of the university and guiding students and teaching them how to maintain oral and dental health through films, counseling programs, running competitions, and providing motivational gifts for toothpastes and toothbrushes. As well as the participation of students in therapeutic omissions for the different regions of Sudan.


The Faculty vision is to become one of the best Faculty of oral and dental Medicine in Sudan& Aria& Middle East.


The Faculty of oral & dental Medicine in Elrazi University is committed to prepare graduates well equipped with the last century skills & be able to compete in the job market and conduct research that leads to imparting community environment & achieving prosperity ..


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