Faculty of Business Administration

Faculty of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration Sciences is designed for students seeking to acquire a high level of knowledge from a broad base of administration concepts to create solutions to contemporary business problems. It provides students with the pillars of a business education as well as specialized options to propel them on their career paths. Hence, students will acquire the skills needed to integrate business administration, marketing, accounting, and banking and finance concepts through four years ( 8 semesters ) to develop strategies to improve short, medium, and long-term organizational performance. The information sources of this curriculum are national, regional, expert and international reports. The Bachelor of Business Administration Sciences provides a holistic approach to exploring business by leveraging business courses as well as those required by the college. Students are exposed to business and functional disciplines, the increased interdependence of these disciplines, the larger role of business in society, and essential skills such as teaming, career management, and critical thinking. The Business Administration Sciences program curriculum constitutes the fundamental theories, principles, concepts, and skill sets necessary for students to thrive in the professional business world. Each required core course equips students with the knowledge and skills utilized in key areas of business, while building upon their social, competitive, and analytical intelligence. The business administration program also augments its core curriculum with math, ethics, and economics. As students advance, they declare an option within the administration sciences program, or specialized functional concentration, which presents a deep exploration of a specific functional area in the study and practice of management. Students are provided with four academic specialization options, including business administration, marketing, accounting, as well as banking & finance. The specialized course offerings emphasize rigorous analysis of the concepts and principles that are basic to an understanding of that specialized management field. This is beside course work that relates theories and ideas to the operating practices and policies of business organizations. These specializations provide a unique opportunity for students to explore the workings of management and maintain a balance between the targets of economic success and the limitations of increasing social and employment opportunities.


Faculty The is committed to developing itself to face up to the local and international challenges in the areas of business studies through fostering engaged learning, scholarly and creative work, community outreach, and student success in the job market.


To Provide scientific and practical knowledge in the fields of business studies, supply local and external markets with highly skilled graduates in their respective fields, building up their capacities to handle the changes while maintaining the international university efficiency standards..


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