Elrazi University has set a general admission policy for local and overseas students. The flexibility of this policy allows high standard students to apply for the specialization they choose. The University is also flexible regarding fees payment by dividing it into three installments.

Students apply through the admission office/Ministry of education (Electronic Registration) and then complete registration at the University premises by:

  • Presenting relevant certificates and other documents.
  • Filling in the initial form.
  • Undergo health check and personal interview.
  • Filling in the admission form.
  • Payment of the form first installment fees.
  • Receiving his/her ID card, calendar and time table.
  • Result of the Secondary School Certificate should be: 80% and above for medicine 75% for Dentistry 70% for Pharmacy programs and 65 % for the rest of the Faculties.
  • Student shall apply by themselves or their guardians.
  • Final approval is subject to health checkup and personal interview.
  • To comply with rules and regulations (including fees payments and uniform) of the University.
  • Original Certificate:
    Authenticated in the concerned country by:-
    • Ministry of Education.
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Embassy of Sudan.
    Authenticated in Sudan by:-
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Ministry of General Education.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • 2 Scratch cards (for Nigerians).
  • 6 photographs.
  • Annual & Registration fees + Admission letter fees.
  • Ministry of Higher Education fees.
  • Accommodation fees (upon request).

Admission of students other than the first year students:

  • The University doesn't accept dismissed students, except those exempted by the admission committee.
  • Secondary school certificate shall comply with the requirements of Elrazi University.
  • The applicant must have been a regular student in a recognized University prior to transfer.
  • Pass the last exams he/she had undertaken before transfer.
  • Successful completion of academic year in the same program.
  • present a copy of the secondary school certificate and the curriculum of previous courses.
  • The University may look into the applications of mature students (each case will be studied individually by the dean and the faculty board.
  • Undergo health checkup and personal interview.
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • To wait until the final acceptance is received from the ministry of Education.
  • Fees payment.
  • Consent to abide by rules and regulation of the University.