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Elrazi welcomes the Sacred month of Ramadan
March 20, 2023
Elrazi University President Moarns the Turkish People in light of recent Earthquakes
February 12, 2023
Graduation Celebration | Class of 2022
February 6, 2023
Internal medicine exam for the fifth year
December 30, 2022

We are leading discovery and innovation since 2001

Elrazi University is a group of academics and students fully committed to academic excellence. Through meticulous training of undergraduates, and research at the postgraduate level. Every member of the University works and strive for personal and academic dignity to treat others with due respect and to take responsibility for good behavior. 

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Medical, business, health, science and more, begin your journey with a program.
Medical, business, health, science and more, begin your journey with a program.
Medical, business, health, science and more, begin your journey with a program.
Medical, business, health, science and more, begin your journey with a program.
Our Vision

Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour

We embrace a three-part vision: Value creation, Original ideas, and Leadership. Value creation through economic, social, and environmental development targeted to an increasingly global and multicultural world. We lead an increasing number of academic and public service activities that involve and benefit the local community, the Sudan, and ultimately the world. This continuing commitment to the public good through a variety of outreach activities is grounded in our tradition as a land-grant institution. Original ideas that advance society through discovery, inquiry, innovation, research, scholarship, and creative activities. Our ability to create value is dependent on discovering new knowledge and generating new ideas and expressions.

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El Razi proudly teaching online courses with online experts throughout the world for the past 5 years.

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We encourage our students to explore the academic landscape, venturing into unfamiliar fields of knowledge and, perhaps, discovering new grounds that will take them in a different direction altogether. 

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Elrazi University (EU) embodies the spirit of excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, outreach, and engagement attained by the world finest public research institutions. AT EU’s most undergraduates are full-time, and admission is selective with a fairly low transfer-in rate. Admission to undergraduate and professional programs is also competitive. 


What Students Saying

I was amazingly surprised by the warmth and care of the administration and faculty members. I enjoyed every class, especially that all faculty members are very much encouraging, informed and patient. I have shared knowledge with my colleagues and made many friends. I believe that after my graduation, I will have many opportunities to achieve my professional goals and build up an outstanding career with my education.

Fatima Khalid

Medical Student

I don’t know where to start, yet I knew instantly that being part of Elraazi University was a blessing. At first, I felt like any other freshman, anxious toward entering the University’s atmosphere, yet the anxiety soon faded away and I adapted quickly. I will never forget my colleagues, professors and Elrazi employees, whom I always thought of as my family.

Yasir Abdallah

Medical Student