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The Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Elrazi University is the right place for all those interested in the quality of education, who think about the future and the job opportunities offered by high-quality education.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Razi University was established at the beginning of the academic year 2001-2002 to be one of the important scientific tributaries that contribute to community service through its graduates who are spread today all over the world. The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Razi University is the right place for all those interested in the quality of education, who think about the future and the job opportunities offered by high-quality education. In our college: You will acquire modern knowledge and skills that will enable you to meet the real needs of the future job and to be always proud of your university and your country, Sudan.

Our goal at Elrazi  University – Faculty of Radiography/Sudan is to provide the highest level of care at the level of expectations as one of the top universities in the world. We train our students to face all aspects and challenges of our constantly evolving specialty and we offer exposure to all fields and subspecialties of radiology. Not only will you acquire the professional skills you need, but you will also share our high ethical values and professionalism – always with the best interest of the patient in mind.

Medical Imaging is a fascinating specialty and constantly renewing itself. This makes for a thrilling lifelong learning experience, and also a wonderful worldwide network of individuals who share the same interest and passion for their specialty. This is the best choice!

The Faculty of Radiography – Elrazi University – Sudan aims to be the most respected of its kind, as evidenced by high quality of premises, up-to-date administration and governance, job- and research directed instruction, to produce a very high quality of under graduates in their ethical, professional and scholarly contribution. Its Mission is to develop the highest standards of academic and technical excellence. The various parts of this program aim to produce ethically responsible, innovative, critically thinking professionals committed to meeting the imaging technology needs of all communities in the Sudan and the rest of the world, appropriately and efficiently. The curriculum teaches the students how to learn and continue as lifelong learners

The Modern Way to Learn!

El Razi proudly teaching online courses with online experts throughout the world for the past 5 years.


To transform pharmacy into a primary care profession.

Integrity: We keep promises and fulfill just expectations. By aligning our beliefs, thoughts and actions, we adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards in education, research and health care.

Excellence: We strive to achieve the highest quality in all that we do by using evidence-based methods, teamwork, critical reasoning, and continuous reflection on performance.

Collaboration: We strive to contribute positively to each other, our students, patients, university and community, through a culture of trust, respect, transparent communication, cooperation, cheerfulness, gratitude, and shared victories.

Diversity: We respect, embrace and harness the strengths of the many cultural backgrounds, languages, experiences and viewpoints of our students, faculty, staff and the community which we serve.

Innovation: We offer opportunity and resources to explore and pursue courageous innovation that matters for our students, faculty, staff, patients, and community.


We exist to improve the health care outcomes of people living in Sudan by:

  1. Inspiring diverse students from our region to commit to healthcare careers that serve our region;
  2. Developing compassionate, highly trained, intellectually curious, adaptive leaders capable of meeting the healthcare needs of the Future through a performance-based education;
  3. Empowering people to teach, serve, research, innovate, and practice collaboratively in areas of skill and expertise in disciplines Related to pharmacy.

Academic Regulations and Program Educational Objectives

The mission of the pharmacy program is to graduate up-to-date service and research-oriented technologists, with a strong commitment to solve relevant health problems, in a rich-science environment, aligning, as an active member, with a comprehensive and devout health team. The curriculum follows the 'semester system' extending over 4 years: full eight semesters and short summer units. The first two semesters form the common preparatory year with medical and other health sciences programs. The third semester, and partly the fourth semesters are common to all departments of the program. The fourth to eighth semesters constitute mainly the specialization stage

The program applies the entry requirements, semester, modular and credit hour plans adopted by other Elrazi University programs and abides by the Academic Regulations. The qualification will be (honors) RAD.

Program (Faculty) Objectives

A graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy should be able to:

  • Adopt the strategies of the Elrazi University- Sudan and abide by its objectives, rules and regulations .
  • Observe, in his/her practice, the health professional ethics which agree with the Nation’s values, beliefs and norms (as stated by Sudan Allied Health Professions’ Council), and maintain good and honest relations with her/his patients, their families, his/her colleagues across all sectors involved in health.
  • Integrate basic, technical, clinical nursing and laboratory sciences in solving imaging problems of the individual relevant to radiological sciences and practice.
  • Use scientific knowledge in radiology and imaging, according to known methods of problem solving and integration, and show understanding of the scientific structural (anatomical), functional (physiological, biochemical), morbid (microbiological, pathological), and technical (physics and equipment) therapeutic (pharmacological) background related to the problem.
  • Attend professionally when imaging a patient with an emergency or multiple trauma and perform life-saving procedures and critical care, and decide and act properly on cases needing consultation with colleagues or referrals to specialized centers or personnel.
  • Show patience and tolerate when sitting and/or standing for relatively longer time in doing works, especially indicated by patient or unit conditions, well beyond working hours.
  • Handle chemical, biological and dangerous materials or ionizing radiations with caution and safety using the scientific approaches stated in procedures for dealing with these materials or radiations.
  • Interact with patient and family in a friendly and humane manner and perform the medical history and physical examination according to the standard scheme, enough to carry out responsibilities of patient hygiene, prevention from injury, and vital sign recording according to the prescribed procedures.
  • Obtain radiograph or other images from patients in the proper and timely manner and in a professional way, considering the technicalities and limitations of the machines in use.
  • Accept to work in all settings, urban or rural, served or under-served, according to needs, and acts to improve health service delivery systems both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Encourage community participation in patient and community health and help in recruiting various sectors in defining relevant health-related problems, planning and providing suitable imaging solutions, recognizing the community beliefs, ethics and traditional practices.
  • Adhere to the “health team” approach, acting as an efficient member, accepting labor and responsibilities given to its members, and promoting both effectiveness and homogeneity among members.
  • Continue to consider elements of efficiency, costing and economic implications in her/his radiological and imaging interventions.
  1.  Acquire the skills of teaching, learning and communicating efficiently to carry out her/his duties in health education of explaining procedures to patients and in winning the confidence of them and their families
  2. Show respect to patients, supervisors, and colleagues, using satisfactory communication with them together with keeping confidentiality in all levels of communication and care
  3.   Acquire the skills of independent learning and contribute to availing opportunities for planning and implementing continuous educational activities to upgrade her/his own abilities and those of her/his colleagues in the health team, benefiting from information technology.
  4. Carry out health, or health-related research in imaging, alone or with other members of a team in health or other relevant sectors, particularly medical physics and quality control, using known and approved scientific methods.
  5. Use computers in word processing of (both Arabic and English), presentations, spreadsheets, statistic packages and graphics to achieve success in other objectives of her/his career.