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The Faculty of Business Administration

Welcome to the place where you will realize that hard work and devotion go hand in hand in order to be able to achieve  of your goals.

Studying business administration programmes will equip Students with Knowledge to succeed in their chosen field; through developing skills in analytical and critical thinking; creative thought to problem-solving, decision-making; communication skill; and ability to initiate, innovate and manage time, projects, and resources effectively.

The BA programmes and modules are built according to international standards with emphasis on practical applications of theory using case studies, problem-solving assignments, and field visits to business and financial institutions.

Students will have a broad understanding of business Concepts, fundamentals of business studies. And wider application approach of various business issues. They will have solid grasps of essential business functions including accounting, marketing, human resource management, economics, finance, computer skills, research methods and system analysis. They will learn how to develop business strategies and analyze risk and manage resources. All of these functions are delivered in accordance with accredited international standards. The faculty consists of two departments, namely accounting & business. And we consistently introduce new ideas in our graduation plans and follow them with application showing how they work in real life settings. Active Learning is always stressed.

The BA graduates receive BSc. Honors. in one of the following tracks: Accounting and Business

The Modern Way to Learn!

El Razi proudly teaching online courses with online experts throughout the world for the past 5 years.


The faculty aims, through its Programs to contribute to development of human resources by providing the state- of- the- art Knowledge and practice, in areas of modern business fields. Also, it aims to make available trained manpower in business studies and to create appropriate channels for further university studies and scientific research in the areas of business functions and related development needs.


The mission of the business administration program is to develop and disseminate high quality business Knowledge and expertise in accordance to international Standards. And prepare manpower for development needs.

Further Information

Bearing in mind that, the word is in a digital era, the faculty is adopting a blended education method, through the activities of face-to-face and online meetings.

This method proved to be economically viable and effective in adopting technological innovations in business studies, developing critical thinking in human capital and problem-Solving oriented approach.

The graduates (he/she) can also use Knowledge, to pursue and rotes in entrepreneurship and innovative new start-up business. ventures to launch their own business.

The faculty programmes prepare graduates for a career in business, which may stretch across many Sectors, Markets, Industries, including:

  • Financial analyst.
  • Marketing & market research.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Investment Banking.
  • HR specialist.
  • Accounting.
  • Trading.
  • Fields of managements.
  • Advertising.
  • Management consultancy.
  • Retail management.
  • Public relations.
  • Governmental and non-governmental organizations NGOs.

All our programmes and certificates are approved and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientist Research, Sudan.