Fees Structure:

CourseAdmission (%)Annual Study Fees (Sudanese Nationals)Annual Study Fees (Non-Sudanese Nationals)
Bachelor of Medicine80%3,200,000 SDG$8,000
Bachelor of Dentistry70%3,000,000 SDG$8000
Bachelor of Pharmacy70%2,000,000 SDG$7,000
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory65%1,500,000 SDG$4,000
Bachelor of Medical Radiology65%1,250,000 SDG$4,000
Bachelor of Nursing Science65%1,200,000 SDG$4,000
Bachelor of Optics65%1,250,000 SDG$4000
Bachelor of Information Technology60%1,000,000 SDG$4,000
Bachelor of Business Administration60%1,000,000 SDG$4,000
Diploma of Dental Technology50%1,500,000 SDG$3,000
  • The first installment (50% of annual fee) is paid at the beginning of registration.

  • Fees must be completed before the start of the Midterm exams.
  • Registration fee is 30,000 SDG annually.

For Non-Sudanese nationals:

  • Ministry of Higher Education fee of $150.
  • Provisional letter fee of $100.
  • In order to register you must pay the 1st installment which is 50% of the annual fee.

Rules of transfer from other Universities

  • The University doesn’t accept dismissed students, except those exempted by the admission committee.
  • Secondary school certificate shall comply with the requirements of Elrazi University.
  • The applicant must have been a regular student in a recognized University prior to transfer.
  • Pass the last exams he/she had undertaken before transfer.
  • Successful completion of academic year in the same program.
  • Present a copy of the secondary school certificate and the curriculum of previous courses.
  • The University may look into the applications of mature students (each case will be studied individually by the dean and the faculty board.
  • Undergo health checkup and personal interview.
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • To wait until the final acceptance is received from the ministry of Education.
  • Fees payment.
  • Consent to abide by rules and regulation of the University.

How to Apply...


Online Submission (Sudanese nationals only)

To complete the government mandated submission, go to: www.admission.gov.sd


Prepare a photograph of the applicant's High School certificate


Prepare a photograph of the applicant's national number


Prepare four photographs of the applicant

To complete the government mandated submission, go to: www.admission.gov.sd


Pay the first installment fee & registration fee.


Registration fee.

To complete the government mandated submission, go to: www.admission.gov.sd